Angelo Cordone

The General Manager is appointed by the Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the President of the Region of Lombardy and is chosen from among people outside the Board itself; he participates by right in the meetings of the Board of Directors. 
The General Manager is responsible for the management of the Foundation; he, in particular, is responsible for achieving the objectives set by the Board of Directors, makes decisions regarding the implementation of the programs and projects adopted, is responsible for the financial, technical and administrative management of the Foundation, including the organization and management of personnel and arranges for the assignment of executive responsibilities, in line with the internal organization and staffing approved by the Board of Directors to form, together with the General Manager himself, the strategic management.

The General Manager coordinates the management activities through the Board of Management and makes use of the following structures and staff functions:

- IT Service
- Training, updating and teaching
- Clinical Engineering
- Quality and Risk Management
- Functional Management Control 
- Public Relations Office - URP
- Public Protection Office - UPT
- Prevention and Protection Service
Sonia Fraccari - Maria Teresa Pisani - Laura Sfameni
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